With the 4th of July this weekend, we are gonna hear the National Anthem a few times through out the long weekend. This rendition though I have to say it, is the best I've ever heard. And more than likely you have never heard of the woman who sang it. 

We talked about it this morning on the Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole during our Pop Culture Update. This impromptu performance happened at the Lincoln Memorial from Star Swain who after shaking her nerves belted out this crazy good rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner". Love it..and while the video has gone viral..she has said Thank You to her fans the only way she knows how..in a song.

It ended up getting me thinking, there are amazing places around the Treasure Valley to just bust out into song. Like the Amphitheater Shell next to the Art Museum and Zoo Boise, and the Greenbelt has some pretty sweet acoustic gems as well. What would some of your best spots around town be. OHHH I just thought..how great would it be to belt out from the top of Table Rock. - JD