Please don't hate me for saying this, but I was a little surprised by this finding. Not that it is bad, I think most of Idaho is beautiful and we are very lucky to live here, I just wouldn't have expected this to be at the top on's list of the "Best Place to Retire in Idaho." I guess I was expecting McCall or Coeur d'Alene but the best place to retire in Idaho is, drum roll please...

Garden City!

Why Garden City you ask? It sits along the beautiful Boise River where you can fish for salmon and trout. They also talk about their being a strong focus on the arts in Garden City.

I did not know this, but Chinese immigrants were originally attracted to Garden City because of the wildlife and nature found there.

One of the biggest perks to setting up retirement in Garden City, it's got that small town feel with a population around 11,743 and the average home price sitting at just $213,200. If is right on that, that's pretty impressive. I live in Meridian and its near impossible to find a house that affordable these days.

So Garden City it is! I have a weird dream of living in Manhattan for a year when I retire, but I know if I get that opportunity that when my time is up in the big city, I will be so anxious to get home to beautiful Boise. Yep, I think overall I'll retire right here someday!

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