The Gem State is a no-brainer choice when it comes to retirement. We've seen evidence of this in recent years with retirees from California and other surrounding states flocking to Idaho. So where is the sweet spot when it comes to setting up your retirement home?

Surprisingly to me, it's not Eagle, where I've seen a lot of outsiders move. According to the "Best Place to Retire in Idaho" is...


I haven't spent any time in Lewiston, but you can find this charming little town in the panhandle

With only a population of 33,000, it still has that small-town feel that is becoming less common in the heart of the Treasure Valley.

Housing prices aren't bad either. The median price for a home in Lewiston is $211,000.

Another perk, the scenery is breathtaking. You've got the Snake River and Joseph Canyon which is part of the Umatilla National Forest.

I keep trying to talk my parents into retiring in Idaho. They currently live in Southern Utah and I'm thinking Lewiston would be just far enough away to have them here but keep my sanity!

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