I am so grossed out right now.  I'm swishing around coconut oil in my mouth in the name of beauty.  Any guess what the benefit is?  

My best friend Abbi has been practicing this beauty regimen for over a year, and her teeth are bright white and pretty.  Like magazine-cover white.  She swishes coconut oil around in her mouth every morning for twenty minutes and she swears it works better than all the white strips and expensive dental treatments in the world.  Twenty minutes!!!!  That is an eternity of not talking and swishing.  I will try it daily because I love Abbi and I'm inspired by her white teeth.  But it's absolutely disgusting!

I'm ok with odd texture most of the time, and I'm not one to avoid it.  I love sushi and I'm not afraid of slimy or mushy things most days.  But this coconut oil thing is an incredible adventure in trying not to gag.  Coconut oil doesn't start out as oil at all, ya know.  It has the consistency of Crisco, and then it melts and becomes liquid and you're able to start swishing.  I know, I know.

Are you gonna try it?  Do you have any unorthodox beauty tips that you don't mind sharing?  Do tell on Facebook.

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