One of the biggest challenges about moving somewhere completely new that no one talks about is having to find a new hair stylist.

I was loyal to my previous hair stylist back in Indiana for 5+ years! No one could do me blonde quite like her. She wasn't afraid to take risks and go bold. After only a couple of appointments with my girl Kacey, I wouldn't even have to explain to her anymore what I was going for. "Heavy blonde?" Is all she would have to ask me. I'd say "yep" and she would get to work giving me the PERFECT blonde every single time.

I've been here in Boise for just over 9 months now. I've tried three different hair stylists so far and they've all been super talented. I've always been pleased with their work but I have yet to walk away with that fresh Barbie blonde look that I'm used to getting.

I'm obviously not a not a natural blonde but I've been getting highlights since I was 14. Most of my friends can't even picture me with dark hair and I'm most known for my blonde look, so I know that I can achieve that color I'm looking for. Maybe it's how I explain it to the stylist - I don't know!

With all that being said, I'm still on the search to find a hair stylist here in the Treasure Valley that specializes in blonde color. I'm going to go until I can find the perfect one because I know she (or he) is out there! I'm also willing to pay whatever I have to. That's another thing too though - I was basically grandfathered in with my previous stylist's prices and was paying just over $100 for a full head of highlights with toner which is a BARGIN. Ugh, I had it so easy.

Oh well, I'm optimistic moving forward! Please let me know your recommendations for a blonde specialist! I'll try them all!

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