I mean, there are the obvious; Harrison BLVD, the Greenbelt, the view of Downtown from the Boise Train Depot, but what are some areas with more subtle, hidden beauty?

I snapped this shot driving down Pine headed towards Ten Mile yesterday and I thought, even though it's a newer area and the trees aren't quite mature yet, it's just so beautiful to see! And as the weather begins to change and the leaves start to fall, there's so much variation around here and besides the obvious places, there are a ton of other gorgeous areas right here in the Treasure Valley.

I really like anything near water, I guess that's an obvious to me. So the parts of Eagle and Boise where water runs through are particularly attractive to me. I love the trees and hills as well. I really like the Boise Bench and there's a ton of beauty that can be found around there. The North End is nice, The foothills. I don't think I've ever had a visitor that I didn't take by Hyde Park and Goodies for some ice cream.

There's just so much beauty. From great trees and old neighborhoods, buildings and schools to the scenic drives around Boise and the Treasure Valley, we sure are lucky to live in a place where we can experience so much natural beauty, so much human made beauty, and all the variation that comes along with the very distinct seasons we experience here! Where's your favorite hidden Treasure Valley Gem?

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