It's a day to think about redemption or even just a fresh start for those who aren't Christian, but for this Boise duo, it was a day they chose to break into a woman's home and beat her up. 

42-year-old Charles Barkell and 42-year-old Brandy Vialpando are behind bars after they allegedly forced their way into this woman's home, beat her up, and walked away with her cell phone and wallet.

According to, the crime happened in the 3000 block of West Glendale St.

From police reports, it looks like the suspects and the victim knew each other and there had been an ongoing argument between the three people.

No word on the victims' condition. Barkell and Vialpando have both been charged with felony robbery and Vialpando has been charged with aggravated battery.

Police have not have said if convicted what kind of a sentence those charges may carry.

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