I'm not sure if it feels like we have a lot of robberies or does is Idaho still a small place. I mean that in a positive way. We have less crime than most places and therefore, a robbery makes the news.

There is another robbery that just happened on State Street and police are reaching out for your help.

Two Robberies In Boise Just Weeks a Part

This was an armed robbery which is always scary when you realize someone could have been killed. This robbery took place at an undisclosed location on the 3600 block of W. State Street.

The suspect robbed the place, supposedly had a weapon, and got away with no problem. The person in question was not caught and the police are asking you for help.

  • White male
  • The mid-20s to mid-30s
  • Black fabric or some type of clothing wrapped around his head
  • The suspect wore a black face covering
  • Blue or green button-up checkered shirt
  • Black undershirt
  • Light-was blue jeans
  • Light brown hiking shoes or boots
Bastian Pudill/Unsplash
Bastian Pudill/Unsplash

Make an anonymous tip if that makes you feel more comfortable at (208) 343-2677. You can also visit 343Cops for more information. The most important thing is to keep your head on a swivel and pay close attention. Boise will never be what it was as the city booms. The change was inevitable and we need to catch up. I was on their site and saw another robbery on Parkcenter Blvd in Boise. Someone busted out a window on July 5 around 1 p.m. They took a purse and went shopping with the credit cards. Robbers feed on items just sitting in your front seat. Don't be a victim.

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