So what time do you wake up in the morning? I'm up by 3 or 4am most days and I like it. Annoying, I know!

I ran across some stats that said concentration levels improve when teens get 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep per night, they'd be at their peak if school started about 10am. Think that will happen? I doubt that teachers would want to start the school day later and stay until 5pm, but ya never know. Once you get to college, you can schedule classes at 10am if you want. And just know that as an adult, you'll never ever get that much sleep! With kids and jobs and relationships and laundry and recorded TV shows to squeeze in, sleep is the first thing to go.

The experts say delaying the start of school by just 25 minutes would increase the number of students getting the necessary eight hours of sleep per night. Hmm...instead of messing with school calendars, how about just take away the phones, tablets, and other screens that might be sucking sleep time out of a teen's life? Oh wait! That's me too. Since adults are just as bad, maybe we should start the work day at 10am instead of 8.

And if the world won't delay starts on our behalf so we can get more zzz's, there's always caffeine. And Saturdays.