The Latest Slang Words You Need To Know To Sound Cool
I try to be a "cool" Mom, but honestly I can't keep up most of the time. My kids throw out words that I'm like, "say what?!" and the trends change so quickly! By the time I'm on board with how teens talk and dress it's usually not cool anymore! Here's my …
Three Teens in Custody After Attempted Robbery at Walmart
Three teenagers are in custody after an attempted robbery and burglary at Walmart on Fairview Avenue in Meridian yesterday morning.
Meridian Police say it happened just after 3 a.m.
A 59-year-old victim told officers she was sitting in her car in the store parking lot when two men came up to her car w…
Boise Teen Creates a New Recipe to Help the Homeless
A Boise teen has come up with a new recipe involving chicken and cheese that sounds pretty awesome, and she did it to help our homeless population. It makes a batch big enough to serve a huge crowd, so you may want to try it too at your next big event too.

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