If my dad gets a free hour, we can usually find him digging around on Ancestry.com. He loves it, and he's made some interesting discoveries along the way.

Pop is Navy Veteran that served in Vietnam, and he's learned that the other veterans in our family served in the Civil and Revolutionary Wars.  I bet you've got these veterans in your family too.

America actually won its independence from that guy in the picture.  Pop tells me that this is my 11th great grandfather, Jasper, born in England in 1559.  Looks nothing like me, I know.  Jasper went on to produce a line that eventually led to my 5th great grandfather, Isaac, who fought with the Pennsylvania militia during the Revolutionary War in 1777 in Pennsylvania.  And Pop says my 3rd great grandfather fought with the 24th Iowa infantry in the Civil War.  During all of those history classes in high school and college, I had no idea that some of my relatives were among those who fought in the battles.

Veteran's Day makes me think about these things, and realize that I probably don't appreciate the past enough.  When Pop texts me these pictures of our ancestors, sometimes the only thing I can think of to say is, "Wow Pop, I'm glad we don't have to wear those stiff-looking clothes anymore!  Think they had Downy?"  Oh my goodness, the corsets, ladies!  No wonder people didn't smile much in pictures back then.  No one could concentrate on pleasantries because their clothes were so tight and scratchy.  I'm glad my family discovered yoga plants and henleys somewhere along the way.

If you think your family lacks military veterans, do a little digging into the past and I bet you'll discover there are lots of 'em.  And high five a veteran today for all they've done.  Thanks Pop!

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