As Veterans Day approaches, it’s important to many Idahoans to take a moment to honor and recognize the brave men and women who have served our country.

In Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley, there are several businesses that take the opportunity to show their appreciation by offering discounts and free meals to Veterans. With a range of options from burgers to breakfast, we're pretty sure there’s something for every Vet to enjoy.

If you’re a Veteran living in the Boise area, here are seven big-chain restaurants where you'll enjoy a complimentary meal on Veterans Day!


Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela


Why don't some restaurants offer Veteran discounts on Veterans Day?

You may have noticed not all businesses participate in this practice. While some people may view this as ungrateful or disrespectful, the truth is that there are often complex reasons behind this decision.

Financial Constraints

One of the main reasons restaurants don't offer discounts stems from financial issues. Offering discounts or free meals to Veterans can quickly add up and become quite expensive, especially for small businesses.

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When it comes to mom-and-pops, it's important to remember that most restaurants are operating on a tight budget and may not have the funds to offer such deals, even if they want to.

They Honor Veterans a Different Way

Some restaurants may choose to allocate their resources charitable Veteran organizations throughout the year. By donating to these organizations, they may feel like they're making a more significant impact on the lives of Veterans in need rather than a one-time donation.

While it may be disappointing to discover that not all restaurants offer discounts on Veterans Day, it's important to be understanding of the reasons behind it. Whether it's due to financial strain, charitable donations, or misunderstandings, there are a multitude of factors that contribute to the business owner's decision.

So instead of focusing on the absence of discounts, we'd rather appreciate the businesses that do offer them and to remind ourselves of the true meaning behind Veterans Day.

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