The Warhawk Air Museum takes you on a journey from World War I through the Cold War era, with memorabilia and airplanes to share history. They are looking to expand their timeline with a new wing dedicated to September 11 and those who have served in the Middle East, you will be able to step into an era of war that's still going on now.

You will walk from the World War I/World War II era to the Cold War/Korea/Vietnam era, and into the most recent chapter of history.

They have to look at logistics so they don't have a hard date on when they are going to start expanding or if it will be attached or detached from the museum. Paul says it will be built out behind the airport.

People have already started donating, but it will take a lot of community support. To give an estimate on expansion amounts, the Cold War wing cost about $800,000 to build.

To find out how you can donate, visit the Warhawk Air Museum HERE.