Just when you think The Village at Meridian has it all they jump on their Facebook page and announce yet another delicious addition to their already tremendous line up of stores. Chip Cookies will be coming soon to The Village!

While I have to admit I have never tried Chip Cookies myself, I recently had a buddy tell me about how he had those delicious cookies delivered to his house. While they do cost a little more than your normal cookie, these are bigger and more satisfying than your average cookie.

This newest location in Meridian will be the third location for Chip Cookies in the Treasure Valley with a store front at 501 West Front Street in Boise and another location in Nampa (which is for delivery only).

This means that people in Boise, Nampa and soon in Meridian can have cookie deliveries from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. Monday through Friday. Suddenly weekdays don't seem so bad after all!

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