We made the Treasure Valley's official love makin' playlist... Voted by valley lovers that slid into our DM's. This list is fantastic, except for one odd one out that got A LOT of votes!

Look, people love LOVE making music, it's why it exists! We wanted to know, specifically, "what are the Treasure Valley's favorite songs to make love to?" So here at Moug and Angie mornings we used the power of radio; 50,000 watts of good ole fashioned fm radio to ask the question. The responses came flooding through in the Mix 106 app. Some are perfect, some are perhaps, a little, odd...

Let's look at the Top 10!

10. Usher-Nice & Slow: Look, this song came out when a lot of us were in MIDDLE school, and now that we know what it really means, it's a whole new world of awesome!

9. Beyonce-Drunk in Love: Back in 2013, Beyonce and Jay-Z came together to teach us about the "surfboardt", and we're glad they did!

8. The Weeknd-Earned it: Treasure Valley movie theaters were packed with excited viewers in the summer of 2015 when they first heard this song in the first Fifty Shades Of Grey movie

7. Nick Jonas-Close (Featuring Tove-Lo): This song is HIGHLY underrated and I'm so glad the Treasure Valley pulled this one out with votes cause I wouldn't have even thought of it!

6. Carly Rae Jepsen-Call Me Maybe: Did we get pranked? If this was a list of "songs to flirt to" this would make sense... But for this list, this was a big surprise. What the Treasure Valley wants, the Treasure Valley gets!

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5. Ginuwine-Pony: Now, this makes sense! This is a love making song! I'd bet these votes came from two groups; the group old enough to remember this song as a current hit in the 90's and the group that saw it in Magic Mike!

4. K-Ci & JoJo-All My Life: Someone likes to think back to their high school slow dances from time to time *winky face*, go Meridian Warriors!

3. Kings of Leon-Sex on Fire: This isn't necessarily one I would've had on the list, but I suppose it has all the elements, right?

2. The Weeknd-The HIlls: So stoked for The Weeknd for making it on to the Treasure Valley's top love makin' songs list TWICE, this time, with one of my favorite songs of all time, "The Hills"

1. Zayn-Pillow Talk: This is a super sexy love jam and it was a total shocker when Zayn Malin left One Direction, and then dropped THIS!

Honorable Mention: Since my wife is the Treasure Valley's biggest Taylor Swift fan (that I know, I'm sure it's debatable), Taylor had to get some love, so that I can. Taylor Swift and Zayn had "I don't wanna live forever", which certainly deserves a spot on this more than "Call me maybe". This is (in my opinion), Taylor's love makiest song, "False God" from her Lover album.

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