There are some things in life that are considered universal evils. Telemarketers, allergies, the DMV, and traffic. Of those, I think traffic may take the top spot. Sometimes it's cars driving at a glacial pace for no reason. Sometimes it's roadwork. Most of the time I've found it's a buildup of cars waiting for a traffic light to turn. My blood boils as the eternal seconds tick by.

There is however a lovely stretch of lights downtown when you continue onto W Myrtle Street from I-184 East where the traffic lights are synced so perfectly if you catch the first green one you can breeze right on through about 8 lights. When you do get stuck at a red light, it's a comfortably short wait and you're back to cruising before you can complain.

But there is one traffic light that changes so quickly I'm nervous to drive through it. I don't mean only a few cars get through and then it turns. I literally will be the first car sitting at the intersection, the light turns green, and when I have just inched out the light turns yellow and is red before I pass it. I wish this were an exaggeration. I hate going through this anxiety every morning on my way to work.

Have you ever experienced this trying to cross S Broadway Ave on Myrtle? I can only guess that because my drive in to work is around 4:30am that maybe the light just doesn't register that a car is there. I'm seriously the only car at that time. So it just goes through the motions very quickly like a teenager pushing their way through some task assigned by their parents.

Shoutout to the Baby Bears of traffic lights whose wait times are juuust right. May we all encounter them more often than not.



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