It's extremely hard to celebrate anything in life when you have so much turmoil happening in the government. It doesn't matter who you are because we've got serious problems happening everywhere.

Can we at least ask about this potential $2000 stimulus check that was promised this week? This was supposedly a plan with votes and this happened. What now?

Things somewhat changed when Congress was evacuated, Vice President Pence was taken away by Secret Service to safety and the Capitol was taken over by Trump protestors. This isn't over but there is business to be done.

Two Democratic runoff opponents won their election which also gave the Demoratics the majority. Promises were also made if they won which Americans will be demanding them follow through. They promised a $2000 stimulus check that includes $2000 per child. So, if you're married with three kids you could be sitting on $10,000. That's a lot of money and a life changer during the pandemic. President Elect Biden also promised this stimulus check.

$2000 stimulus checks will go out the door if the Democrats win Georgia. - Joe Biden

Well, the Democrats won. What about those checks! You don't have to be a Democrat or Republican to need money right now. We still have massive problems with jobs and companies on the brink of shutting down. This money could get you caught up in rent and the others things you've been behind on. It's not a fix to your financial struggles right now but it's a bandaid. This is a lifeline to so many people and we could all use it.

If you've already received your stimulus check I'm hearing there would obviously be another coming. Stay tuned to this space, download our app to stay informed and be safe.

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