I'm still calling Bosie State's Blue, Bronco Stadium. I try to remember Albertson's Stadium which isn't difficult but it takes time. I'm hit or miss on that.

I was thinking we just buy out our favorite grocery outlet and rename it, "Kekeluv Stadium." When you win the Mega Millions or Powerball you can do whatever you want with over $400 million dollars.

That is as close to a billion dollars as you will ever get in one day. It's pretty remarkable to have both lottery games hitting such a high mark. Mega Millions sits at $447 Million and Powerball is at $410 Million. Just think for a few moments and take yourself away with wonder. What could you do with that mound of money?

You could replace Albertson's Stadium Sponsorship with your name. How would "Kekeluv Stadium" sound to you? That deal costs Albertson's $12.5 million over a 15 year period. I want that for the next 30 years and I'll pay that every year!

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The Grammy Awards was just canceled, hold your own. Just fly in Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Adele, Harry Styles, and for the money fun of it just book NSYNC. Money is no object Boise!

Join Ashton Kutcher and Katy Perry in outer space. That ticket only costs you $200,000 to book a seat. Granted flights to L.A. are on sale right now for $110 but who's counting.

If you really want to show your money off in every room you could do the ultimate bathroom makeover. Drop $3.5 Million dollars on a bathroom made out of 24-carat gold including the toilet. I've never done that but would show up just to sit on it!

There is this Eclipse Superyacht but that could be out of your limit unless you win both. That goes for over $600 Million. You get a few helipads, a missile defense system (because you never know right), a couple of swimming pools, a restaurant, a salon, and everything else. Find the full list here because there is more.

Mega Millions drawing is Tuesday night for $447 Million and Powerball is Wednesday night for $410 Million. I believe it's been 31 drawings with no winners. This is our week and you're all invited to "Kekeluv Stadium" next season. I'm also going to buy everyone's ticket for the first season. I'm going to be your favorite rich dude!

Sidenote: Yes, I will give back to my local charities and that might be the best part ✌️


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