Hiking seems to be the thing to do amid beautiful weather and COVID-19. I went to Camel's Back Park yesterday and did the famous short but very steep hike. I was packed. While practicing social-distancing I talked to some other people who said Table Rock was also extremely busy, but this is supposed to the most scenic hike in Idaho. 

Msn.com did a survey of the "Most Scenic Hike" in every state. For Idaho they say it's Sawtooth Lake near Stanley. It's supposedly a moderately difficult hike with breathtaking views at the end. The problem is, I don't think any of us here in the Treasure Valley plan on traveling to Stanley any time soon.

So, I wanted to start a discussion to help find the different hikes we can reach in the Boise area. I really want to do Jump Creek, which leads to a beautiful waterfall. Living in Meridian, it's just outside of Marsing and about an hour drive away for me.

If you have any ideas of good little hikes to take in the area besides the obvious Camel's Back and Table Rock, please leave a comment.

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