Robert Pattinson? Really? Kanye West is more attractive than Ryan Gosling? Everything I thought I knew is WRONG!

According to the "Golden Ratio", which is essentially a science that determines how attractive someone is based on things like forehead size, eye position, face shape, lips, and many other factors, Robert Pattinson is the most attractive man out there.

So the list has Robert Pattinson at the top, with Henry Cavill just behind him. Other notables on the list include Ryan Gosling, who is at the bottom of the top 10. Kanye West is actually, scientifically, more attractive than Gosling, based of course on these strange factors. But doesn't Kanye always have a scowl? Or RBF? Idris Elba is ahead of Kanye which makes sense. Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt are on the list, which I guess isn't overly surprising.

I couldn't imagine how awful I'd rate... I don't think I'm an ugly dude, but if science rated my forehead, I'd probably get a zero percent because I'm bald (mostly intentionally, which by the way... My bald head gets pretty cold in these Idaho winters), I don't have much in the way of lips and I've got some winter weight, from the last 10 or so winters accumulated that would probably ding my score.

Anyway, what do you think of the Top 10?

1. Robert Pattinson

2. Henry Cavill

3. Bradley Cooper

4. Brad Pitt

5. George Clooney

6. Hugh Jackman

7. David Beckham

8. Idris Elba

9. Kanye West

10. Ryan Gosling

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