I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
Like Zayn says in his song with Taylor Swift for The 50 Shades movie... I hope to see 100, if I can do it without being in intense pain, and if I can do it without dealing with dementia. But... To live forever?
Dinosaurs That Used to Roam Texas
These days we might look off to the side of I-84 and see a deer or two, but Idaho wildlife managers say dinosaurs used to roam those same green space. And some of them were huge!
Chemical Spill at Boise State Causes Explosion
Yikes! Chemistry always scared me in high school. I was convinced that I would  mix the wrong chemicals together and it would blow up in my face. Even the eye wash station freaked me out.
There was a chemical spill in a lab at the Boise State Science and Education building yesterday...
Picture Tricks Your Eyes
I am a sucker when it comes to the amazing things our brains can do. I love seeing keys that help to unlock things like our eyesight  that trick our brain to see things that aren't really there, like in this picture.