Mike had surgery for prostate cancer on Tuesday and his wife Tracy has been keeping us all updated on his progress.

Here's an update on Mike's recovery from Mike himself (that's a great sign!):

I finally got to go home. Tubes and cords will be gone so I can finally sleep. I got to eat for the first time since Sunday...which means there is no way I couldn't have lost at least ten pounds....the even better news.....no cancer in the lymph nodes! Plus, the pathologist downgraded my cancer from a Gleason score of 9, to a 7. I have only one little cause for concern and that is that the tumor might have broke through the margin of the prostate....in that case there may be a little chance of microscopic cancer left behind that I might have to have radiology for...but the Dr was very happy that it hadn't spread to the lymph nodes and is quietly optimistic that we have it all. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I know they are helping.

Love you all,


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