7-year-old Zoe Ray from Eagle, Idaho is making national headlines in search of some inspiration and encouragement. After her fourth birthday Zoe was diagnosed with a brain tumor on her optic nerve. She is now almost eight and is just one week shy of her 1,000 day of chemotherapy. As a special way to mark an important milestone in her fight against cancer, Zoe is asking for greeting cards from YOU!

Zoe's mother, Chrissy, created a Facebook page called Zoe Ray of Sunshine as a way to document and share her journey with family telling KTVB, "we thought that was a good way to keep everyone up to date about what was happening with Zoe. Then we started to reach out and connect with other cancer families and the community."

About three weeks ago, Chrissy posted to the Facebook page asking the community for support after Zoe was feeling really down. "She smiles everyday, even through the tummy aches and tiredness. She lights up everybody's heart that she meets. She is a brave warrior who could use some lifting up." The post continued, "If you could send her a postcard or card with some words of encouragement I know it will lift her spirits to see all the wonderful people that care about her."

Zoe is hoping to receive cards of encouragement from all 50 U.S. states before September 3rd. As of Wednesday, Zoe has received 486 cards so far from 26 states plus Canada.

With exactly a week to go, Zoe is hoping to reach her goal of 1000 cards for her 1000th day on chemo. You can send a card to Zoe to this address:

Zoe Ray of Sunshine
1930 N Wind Cave Way
Eagle, ID 83616

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