This is nuts... Testicular Cancer is most common in males 15-44 and 99% curable if detected early. Spread the word!

I hope this doesn't come off as vulgar, but instead, attention grabbing. National Ball Check Day is coming on April 7th and it's so important for the men in your life to check themselves!

It's one of those uncomfortable things... Uncomfortable to talk about, and physically uncomfortable, but necessary nonetheless. According to their website, "Jason Greenspan and Thomas Cantley (aka Mr. Ballsy) are both testicular cancer survivors and passionate about spreading awareness. They are teaming up to create physical results by reminding males to perform testicular self-exams, one ball at a time!"

So the idea is to spread the word and get as many men as possible to participate on April 7th, and it's pretty simple.

You can even host a self-check event or request a proclamation here in Boise. Regardless, it's best to get ahead of these things. Cancer is so awful and it's great to see survivors spreading the word and sharing the importance.

I know personally, I'm a bit of a hypochondriac as it is, so I will definitely participate. I have a pretty significant history of cancer in my family as well, so it's definitely one of my big fears so I'll give the ole boys a check and if there's anything questionable, I'll visit a doctor. Otherwise, I'll be a happy camper and check again in a year!

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