I try to be a "cool" Mom, but honestly I can't keep up most of the time. My kids throw out words that I'm like, "say what?!" and the trends change so quickly! By the time I'm on board with how teens talk and dress it's usually not cool anymore! Here's my attempt to get you in the know so you understand your kids!

Thanks msn.com for helping us learn the latest slang.

1. Extra (I hear my kids say this all the time.) It means to be unnecessarily dramatic or over the top!

2. Periodt (Say what?!) How do you even pronounce this properly? it's just like it looks. Period with a "t" throw at the end and means a more extreme version of period or a word you would put at the end of a sentence (not the dreaded monthly cycle.) It's also often preceded by the words "and that's on"

3. Snatched This can mean when someone is wearing something very fashionable or it can mean supporting an insult against someone who has lost an argument.

4. Wig (No this is not the fake hair you put on your head.) Wig now refers to something that is amazing. As in so amazing that your wig blew off!

5. Big Yikes! This is a more intense version of the word yikes! (I haven't heard this one, but I feel like I could pull it off, even at 39. We'll see if I get an eye roll from my kids!)

6. Fit (No this doesn't mean you look good from working out and eating healthy these days, it's a shortened version of outfit that kids use these days! Are we seriously too lazy to say outfit?!)

7. Bet This can have several meanings. You can use it instead of saying yes or okay, but it can also be used when someone challenges you. You can use it instead of saying "watch" or "we'll see."

8. Fire (This is apparently the cool way of saying "cool" these days. For example, "that new lipstick is fire!" I'm having a hard time buying into this one.

9. Shade (Okay, I've heard this one for awhile. It means when someone is being sneaky. You an also use "throw shade" when referring to someone who has done the sneaky action.

10. Flex (Means to flaunt or show off.)

Wow, I swear I could take a whole semester in college on this stuff and I would still sound like a goof. At least the kids can't pass a fast one on me. Mama knows what they're talking about now!

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