Despite the fact that there is a toilet paper factory in our state, the toilet paper hoarding at the beginning of this pandemic has created a perpetual problem. I got to the bottom of it (ha), and found out WHEN the best time to make a T.P. run is!

In part, I blame Hollywood for this... In all of the pandemic movies, end of days movies, asteroid movies, did they ever account for people hoarding toilet paper? NO! Yet, here we are...

In the beginning of this, for some reason, people got freaked, particularly about toilet paper, and some went and hoarded an absurd amount of it. Well now, for those of us who didn't hoard toilet paper, it's become a bit more of an urgent need than it otherwise would have been. Now granted, this is all new territory for all of us; who knew grocery stores would stay open through the thick of it?

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Eventually, a plentiful supply of toilet paper will return to the stores and life will hopefully go back to normal, but in the mean time, when should you go to pick up toilet paper? The answer at my local Albertson's: 6 am. Daily. And get ready to wait in line... This is real life, folks... The other option would be to order it online through Amazon like I did, but you know, supply and demand has made the cost go up. I paid $25 for a 24 pack but it'll be delivered on Thursday so I guess I'm happy with that.

I also have pledged not to be a part of perpetuating this issue. Inevitably, it'll have a long lasting domino effect of people grasping at all the toilet paper they can find, but eventually, life will go back to normal and we won't have to ration so much.

In the mean time, thank god for the detachable shower hose!


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