Halloween is on Saturday, October 31st this year, and what a night to celebrate. This is one of the nights we would go over the top hosting club events. If it fell on a weekend, watch out! Boise loves to party on that night.

Insert 2020. Who knows what to do this year. That meeting the Governor had really thrown everything out the window I thought. Some were in Stage 3 and others beyond. The entire state is now in the same place, Stage 3.

I know some of the clubs will be open as bars with table seating and other procedures to keep things safe. Some people's HOA is designating what neighborhoods are requesting you do. I know some places are trying to keep the fun alive with additional house decorating contests. That could be why you see more than usual and earlier this year.

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I've posted several articles on safe trick-or-treating, games you can play with your kids, and how to keep yourself germ-free.

My son is almost 6 and our daughter just turned 2. Halloween is important but I won't jeopardize health for a little fun. Honestly, there are ways to be a part of Halloween just by using some caution. You don't have to stay inside hiding with the lights out. Just be safe.

We just decided as a family to skip traditions this year. No walking up to the door and sticking hands in bags of candy. Everyone is going to be different and this is just playing it safe. We have health issues and it's important we protect our children even if it's 10% of anything.

We sent to Walmart and Walgreens to purchase some $1 items like spiders, glow in the dark bath bombs, Halloween eyeballs, and just fun season stuff for toys. We bagged up these items along with candy for a cute little scavenger hunt we'll be having. My wife made up these cute cards with clues and they'll both be playing the game with each other. If you're looking for a simple and cheap way to make them happy this could be it.

At the end of the day, my son is just so excited about his costume. I've not been given permission from him. Super. Excited.

So, we'll be walking through the neighborhood playing games, layout candy in bags for trick-or-treaters, and play it safe this year.


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