I was just talking to listeners on the air about trick-or-treating and whether we should cancel Halloween. Some states have already started the conversation and LA Country canceled and reversed that decision in 24 hours.

There is ho doubt that COVID-19 will play a part in this Year's spooky holiday. I spoke to several women who just want their kids to have a good Halloween. Nobody wants a pandemic to cancel their kid's favorite time of year, next to Christmas.

Hershey's Chocolate is trying to curb the cancelation discussion and also regain some momentum as stocks have fallen 1%. This is kind of brilliant depending on where you stand on the masks issues and pandemic in general.

Courtesy: Hershey
Courtesy: Hershey

The popular chocolate company has put together a map that lists out how to trick-or-treat safely. It doesn't matter where you live Hershey's has planned out your Halloween extravaganza.

For instance, Idaho. Ada County is in the orange zone and you hover over the county to find out what Hershey suggests for you Halloween evening night out.

  • Trick or Treat in Reverse
  • Trick or Treat Drive-By
  • Costume Week
  • Neighborhood Candy Hunt
  • Neighborhood Pub Crawl

It really doesn't matter whether it's a pandemic or not because some of the ideas are very creative and fun. This map has been well produced as you can click on any country in the United States. It will break down your country by zone and then make suggestions for your family.

Ada County and Canyon County are both given the orange zone. You can even print off a special "This House is Fun and Safe!" for trick-or-treaters to see when they approach.

Great website backed by the Harvard Global Health Institute.


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