had an article yesterday about the 50 greatest trips in each of the 50 states. When I saw the trip for Idaho, I had to disagree.

Middle Fork of the Salmon River

According to's article, America's Greatest Hits: 50 Trips in 50 States, Sun Valley is the greatest trip we have in the state. Don't get me wrong, I love Sun Valley. It's gorgeous, you can ski, hike, have an amazing dinner at The Pioneer and so much more. On my personal list of greatest trips in Idaho, I wouldn't have it at the top.

My top 5 Idaho Trips

  • Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River
  • Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountains
  • Sandpoint
  • Fishing and rafting in Riggins
  • McCall

Obviously all my picks are based on the great outdoors. Put me outside in the elements and I'm in heaven! Your Idaho picks might be totally different. Do you agree with the MSN article? What is your greatest Idaho trip?