The painted eggs, candy and that crazy fake green grass you throw in the Easter Baskets they are a plenty in the Treasure Valley. The Easter Egg madness is in full swing, and this is the one spot you can't miss this weekend. 

easter eggs
Viktor Pryymachuk

This Easter takes the family out to a not so traditional egg hunt in Nampa. The Nampa Flashlight Egg Hunt is sure to make the kids go wait what this is cool spending time with my family. This Easter from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM pack the baskets and flashlights and hunt the eggs scrambled all over the Nampa Rec Center Park at 131 Constitution Way in Nampa. Now I've never heard about this but man alive I want to grab my 12-year-old and head out there to see what it's all about. We actually had a listener call in this morning on the Mix Morning Show and give me the heads up on the event. He said his family has been going for years, and much like the traditions of other holidays, Christmas and Halloween this has been the event he and his family look forward to every year. I'm already talking to the wife about getting the goodies and Easter Baskets ready for the night time stroll through the park. A few things the Nampa Rec Center is asking those who come out to be aware of....bring your own flashlights, although it would be super cool if they could provide them they will not be. And there is a small but totally worthy fee of $3 bucks to cover the cost which goes right back to the rec center to help the children of the Nampa community. SO who is coming out this weekend for some late night egg hunting fun? THIS GUY IS! - JD

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