While everyone is getting excited about spending Thanksgiving with their family, on the day before Thanksgiving we celebrate National Jukebox Day! With the day before Thanksgiving being the biggest bar nights of the year it will be easy to celebrate by popping in a dollar or two and picking a favorite song as you connect with old friends and family.

The history behind National Jukebox day goes back to 1889 as the anniversary of the date the first coin-operated phonograph was installed by Louis Glass in the Palais Royal Saloon bar in San Francisco, CA. That fun fact was something I learned by nationaldaycalendar.com.

While celebrating National Jukebox Day can be a lot of fun, we want you to remember to celebrate responsibly. The last thing you should even think of is to drink and drive. There are so many ways to get home sober now there is absolutely no reason to not have a sober person drive you home. Wishing you a Happy National Jukebox Day, and Happy Thanksgiving too!

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