Business Insider worked together with BARTENDr the social app. Together they analyzed liquor sales along with gathering and analyzing posts and photos of 700,000 users. At this point they took the info to determine the brands of liquor users around the country prefer depending on the state they live in. The result was a pretty interesting snap-shot look at what each state likes to drink the most and boast about the most.

Whiskey overall was the most popular choice in 30 states. One thing that was pretty interesting about Idaho is that we don't just have one favorite. Nope, Idaho had a three way tie, unlike any other state around us. The gem state not only likes to drink, we take our drinking seriously and we like to show off what we are drinking on Social Media. According to the study here are the top favorite and most popular liquors for Idaho and surrounding states.

Most popular liquor: Jack Daniel's

Most popular liquor: Bacardi

Most popular liquor: Jack Daniel's

Most popular liquor: Crown Royal

Most popular liquor: Jose Cuervo

Most popular liquor: Jack Daniel's

Most popular liquor: Patrón

Most popular liquor: Fireball

Most popular liquor: Fireball, Captain Morgan, and Jägermeister (tie)


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