I grew up in Vegas, but two years ago I took a job in San Diego. Last August, I was pulled into the boss' office and told my services were no longer needed. Talk about having the rug pulled out from under you. Here I am, 8 months prior to my wedding, jobless, in one of the most expensive cities in the country. Terrifying? Quite.

I started driving for Postmates but quickly realized that the money I was making doing that was barely covering the cost of gas for my truck. There were a lot of ups and downs in that period as I'd apply for a job and have a conversation with a potential new radio station; I'd go from looking at rental homes and getting all excited to getting ghosted by potential employers and feeling destroyed by it. Certainly a hit to the ego. There were jobs I was offered that I knew would be a band-aide for the problem at hand but were in places I didn't think would make us happy. It was hard not to just take the first things thrown my way. I'm so grateful that my fiance Stacy has been so supportive, she encouraged me to wait and find something career-wise that I'd be happy with, and in a city that would feel good for both of us.

We stuck it out as long as we could in San Diego before finally throwing in the towel. We put our stuff in storage and set sail for the East Coast. My fiance, myself and all of our animals got in my truck and drove across the country to Williamsburg, VA to live with my mother in-law to be, not ideal in the months leading up to the big day but also very helpful. We got to Virginia in December and I immediately flew to Boise for an interview at Mix 106. I was blown away by the city, they offered me the job a few weeks later and we ended up here in Idaho on January 19th with a new, bright future ahead of us...

We had movers pick up our stuff from San Diego and it's seemingly taken forever to get it here. And in the mean time, we've gotten used to living life without most of this stuff. By the way... We've been just as happy in life; with our relationship, our pets, everything, without all the stuff. Anyway, here's the other kicker: We got rid of a good portion of our furniture and figured we'd start over. Turns out, that's more expensive than it sounds. So now we've got boxes upon boxes upon boxes staring us in the face; all this stuff, and nowhere to put it. Both me and my fiance feel really unsettled when there are boxes that need to be sorted through.

Is there anyone who doesn't  have stacks of boxes in their garage keeping them from parking in there? Is this actually a thing? Does anyone ever completely move in to a place? I'd love to see what that actually looks like. In the mean time, I guess we should be grateful we have all of our stuff and a new job and a great new city and not let the first world problems overwhelm us. Maybe we've gotten used to living with a little suspense at this point and being "settled" feels abnormal. Either way, I'm going to make a point to live in the moment and enjoy all the new awesomeness that's come our way.

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