The Situation

Boise Police are still searching for the rogue bridge jumper that injured two Boise River floaters on Saturday afternoon.


The young man jumped to the wrong conclusion when he backflipped off the Baybrook Bridge, landing on a raft packed with Boise River floaters! Yikes!


While bridge-jumping is legal in Idaho, Jumpy McGee missed the mark. He broke the law that requires bridge-jumpers to mind and maintain a safe distance of 50 feet from boaters, floaters, rafters, and tubers.


Luckily, the Boise Fire Department had been conducting operations nearby and were on the scene of the freak accident within in minutes. Of the group of rafters rescued by our Boise firefighters, two sustained minor injuries and were treated at a nearby hospital.

Boise Fire Department, we appreciate you!


Johnny Jumper

As for Johnny Jumper, well, homie bounced. As reported by witnesses on-site, he took it a bridge too far when he pulled a Forest and went running.

J.J., if you're reading this, it isn't too late to do the right thing. Surveillance footage at the scene of the incident likely captured your image, so it's a matter of time before Boise 5-0 catch up with you. Everyone makes mistakes. Despite yours being fairly epic as Boise crimes go, and the fact that it rendered you classified as a fugitive, you can/could/probably/maybe come back from this.

The cannon ball is in your court, bro.


A search by the Boise Police Department is still underway. If you have useful information to share with Boise P.D., please call (208) 377-6790.

To the Boise Police Department and all of our emergency responders who jumped in on this case, thank you!


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