We had the yummiest blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning. I'm actually not a huge pancake fan, but there are some pancakes here in Idaho that my mother says she wants on her death bed. These are apparently the best pancakes in Idaho. 

When I saw this study on msn.com about the best pancakes in every state, it intrigued me. For Idaho I expected to see the huckleberry pancakes at the Shore Lodge in McCall, but as much as my mother raves about those pancakes, msn.com has a different opinion.

They say the best pancakes in the state come from More Joe's Breakfast Eatery in Meridian. Apparently they portions are huge and the lemon poppyseed pancakes are super yummy. Those do sound delish.

Now that I think about it, we have lots of yummy pancakes here in Idaho. How can you not get pancakes at The Pancake House in McCall and Terri's Cafe in Meridian has super delicious pancakes.

Who do you think has the has the best pancakes in the state?

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