I'm excited for Superbowl Sunday, mostly because the patriots AREN'T playing. But in our house, the main event of the weekend is coming a little early...

My fiance is a pretty big Taylor Swift fan, and it's understandable because both Stacy and Taylor Swift are the same age, they found their current loves (me and Joe Alwin, respectively) around the same time, and have had quite a few other shared experiences. Plus, she's a great songwriter and performer.

But in truth, (yes I'm a 33 year-old guy), I've actually seen Taylor Swift more times than my Super Swifty fiance. I saw the 1989 Tour in Denver back in 2015 and thought she was amazing live, then I met Stacy and took her to the Reputation Tour at the Rose Bowl in LA in 2018, Wango Tango, also in LA, in 2019, and we'll be heading to Boston this summer to see Taylor Swift's Lover Fest. So yeah, lots of Taylor in our lives.

But tonight is kind of like our Superbowl in a sense. Taylor Swift just dropped her Miss Americana documentary on Netflix, which looks like it'll give some good insight into her life and career, so we'll grab some food, maybe some booze, and watch the documentary. Here's the trailer in case you haven't seen it!

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