Prom season is still a couple of months off, but guys are starting to ask girls to save those dates now. All guys really need for a great Promposal is one word, and the more over-the-top the presentation is, the better.

My niece, Jada, is a junior in high school and lives in Nebraska, and her boyfriend, Jadeyn, surprised her last week by pulling up in front of her house with the best Promposal we've seen so far.

Jodi Lerdall via Facebook
Jodi Lerdall via Facebook

A truck, a borrowed flatbed trailer, and a huge sign that said, "Prom?" had to have been noticed by everyone in their hometown of 700 people.  I used to live there and I remember seeing flatbeds with bales of hay and bricks roll through town, but never once did I see good spray-painted penmanship on plywood.  It's not something that can really sneak through town, so how Jadeyn kept this all a secret is a bit of a mystery.  But he pulled it off, and Jada said yes.

Jada and Jadeyn have been dating for six months now, and they always seem to put in the effort to make things fun and interesting.  I won't say something goofy like, "They're soooo cuuute together!" because that would make me the weird aunt.  But they're awesome.  And their names totally belong together.  That part is just too cool.

Prom is coming up for them on April 18th, and Jadeyn proves it's never to early to ask.  You don't want that girl gettin' away.

Promposals have become a big deal, and there are dozens of other ideas floating around on social media.  Seventeen magazine says some of the good ones include custom signs, flowers, costumes, and even puppies.  But it will sure be hard to top a pickup and a flatbed.

If you see other good Promposals, send them in!  We love highlighting inspirational Treasure Valley kids, and proms provide another perfect opportunity.

Nice job Jadeyn.  Well done.

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