It's National Cheese Day and we thought we'd celebrate by letting you know where you can find the "best grilled cheese sandwich" in the Boise area!

According to, locals say these restaurants make the best of the best.

1. Melt Food Truck

3. Manfred's Kitchen: Try the grilled cheese with the pork chili verde filling!

4. Soup Kettle Grille

5. Fork

6. Great Harvest Bread Co. 

7. Lemon Tree Co. 

My secrets to making a killer grilled cheese...

  • use a good quality bread. I'm obsessed with Naked Bread these days.
  • spread real butter on both sides of the bread
  • cook in at a medium/LOW temp. I used to always go medium and the bread would cook and then burn before the cheese melted. Low and slow is the way to go!
  • mix a fancier cheese in with your regular cheddar. I love mixing in a little goat cheese or feta. It creates a bite that can't be beat!
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