It started with the chills. Then the sweats. Then it seemed to fast forward and take over our entire house. My wife, two kids, and myself all down with the Flu and it was absolutely miserable.

In between sleeping, medicating, moaning (because I am a man of course and we don't do well with being sick), and did I mention medicating? We joined the millions around the world who plopped down on their couches and started binge watching the 13 episodes of "Fuller House" on Netflix.

While it didn't get the critics stamp of approval, for me, it was about diving back in to the Tanner Family's cheesy dialogue and "everything is fixed with a good hug" mentality. It immediately took me back to 20+ years ago, watching TGIF with my family on the couch after a long week. The cheese factor was still there, but most of it was intentional. Poking fun at Michelle (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) for not being there and the famous lines "how rude", "have mercy", and "oh my-lanta" just to name a few. Fuller House did exactly what I expected it to. It made me still want to be part of such a big family that is fun, loving, and come on, that house is just as cool even 20 years later. I get now why Kimmy Gibbler made herself at home!

So, thank you Netflix and the Tanner/Fuller family for bringing a little bit of nostalgia into my home when we needed it so much. Here's hoping for Season 2... of Fuller House, NOT the Flu!

While all the numbers are not in yet on how many of you joined my family and I in every episode according to some networks normal TV view numbers dropped significantly on Friday night..the same night the series was release.

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