If you've never considered hoarding, this may change your mind.  The price of olive oil and cheese could be going up soon by quite a bit, so you may want to stock up now.

If you love a good appetizer party, this will hit you hard.  The Today Show said some of the foods that could be impacted by proposed new tariffs on European products include wine, French and Swiss cheeses like Roquefort and Gruyere, olives and olive oil, certain types of seafood, fruits, and juices.

President Trump tweeted last week that his administration would put tariffs on $11 billion of European products.  It's a little fuzzy at this point whether the tariffs will actually be implemented and how they'll impact the final grocery bill, but if it costs more to get the olive oil and aged cheese to us, it stands to reason that we'll have to pay more for it too.

The Today Show pointed out that there may be some anxiety relief for those of us who fight the urge to hoard because it's Farmer's Market season and the next couple of months will offer plenty of opportunities to grab some local cheese, fruit, and perhaps some wine too.  Prices would be unaffected if it's a local producer.

The good news is, Pita chips and crackers are still relatively cheap.  We just may have to fork over some extra cash soon for things to put on them.

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