The world loves this sport! And it's starting to grow even more across the country. And now more than ever the love is growing in the Treasure Valley that may result in a new professional team landing in Boise. Are you ready for it? 

With the success of last month's Portland Timbers T2 team in Meridian the champs of Major League Soccer are looking to maybe lay a bit more of a claim on the Treasure Valley. More than just a partnership, but a permanent residence and training ground for the sport.

Boise has only had 2 professional soccer friendlies grace the City of Trees but each time the desire from the faithful is always there. Could Boise handle a United Soccer League Team? HECK YES we could. Our neighbors to the North West in PDX are called "Soccer City" and I have no doubt that Boise could become the city that welcome the beautiful game with open arms. Organizers from the most current friendly have said on record that interest in bringing a full time team here is very high. And the USL is the perfect league to keep that love for the game growing. The Timbers general manager, Gavin Wilkinson recently told USL

"We want to look at a way to eventually have more games in Boise and in Idaho.  Is it a viable business decision? These are questions that we'll be asking ourselves. This is definitely a trial match. It has many, many purposes and we're very happy with the initial response."

So what would it take then. The USL requires cities to have a site where a stadium could be built or used with at least seating for 5,000 plus. Which is another plus for the city as the sites of Les Bois Park are available for transformation into a world class soccer pitch, as well as a possible deal with the Boise Hawks to have games at Memorial Stadium during the season.

This isn't a crazy idea as teams in the MLS do similar ie: Yankee stadium is transformed into a full blown soccer field on game days  for New York City FC. What ever the decision I can not wait, and will be the first in line for starting a FIRM for BOISE FC or what ever we are called lol. I love it the "Beautiful Game" in Boise. - JD