My friend and I had decided late on Friday that we wanted to shoot archery on Sunday but some archery places were not open and the forecast was rainy.

I have been shooting traditional archery for about 4 years now, and it's something I need to do more of. After some research my friend Eric said that Nampa Bow Chiefs have a great range and an indoor one but normally just members only on Sunday cause you have to have a key to get in. Robert who is a part of the crew was happy to let us join them and he was already going to be there at 11am on Sunday. When you have a member you pay a $3 guest fee, or they have member deals all year long too. Thank you so much Robert and it's nice to know a member to get in for 3 dollars or to become a member.

Robert was great as well as the other members and friends that were there. They have events and fun things planned so stay tuned and you can find them in Nampa by the map below or by calling (208) 466-4374.

Looking forward to sharing info about a two-day archery shoot they have coming up.

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