Rook the K9 had been with the department for five years, and died suddenly of medical issues last week.  Here's the story.

The Ada County Sheriff's Department broke the news on its Facebook page, and said Rook worked his last shift on Wednesday, March 15th, and died unexpectedly after that from medical complications.  He was nine years old.

Deputy Morgan Case says on Facebook that Rook had 19 patrol deployments during his time with the Ada County Sheriff's Department, and 6 captures. Also, "He had 143 narcotics sniffs and found $12433 worth of drugs, $1266 worth of paraphernalia, and $1500 worth of cash. Rook also placed 3rd in narcotics detection at the 2016 IPCA competition."

These dogs are so amazing, aren't they?  They really have super energy and want to work and make their handlers happy, and as Deputy Case puts it, they make great partners.  A few of the Facebook commenters said they were glad that Rook died at home on his own, and not in the line of duty.  If there is a bright side to this sad story, maybe that's it.

This has to be rough on the department and we wish them the best as they adjust.  Rook, you will be missed!

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