Innocent Target Practice Turns Into Kuna Tragedy
It's 2021 and we have so many things to prepare for surrounding the coronavirus. This is supposed to be everything better than in 2020. Then accidents happen and life is taken.
I received an alert earlier that should really take all of us Idahoans back a step...
Idaho Twins Killed in Fire Found Holding Each Other
It's stories like this that recenter our world that is so often filled with meaningless worry. A loss like this is so hard to comprehend. 3-year-old twin brothers killed in a house fire found in a kitchen cabinet holding each other.
'Thoughts and Prayers' are better with action
In the wake of any tragic event, it seems pretty instinctive for people to say they're sending "thoughts and prayers" to victims. But as some of the survivors of the recent Florida school shooting eluded to, that's not cuttin' it anymore. It's time to do more.