In the wake of any tragic event, it seems pretty instinctive for people to say they're sending "thoughts and prayers" to victims.  But as some of the survivors of the recent Florida school shooting eluded to, that's not cuttin' it anymore.  It's time to do more.  

Thoughts and prayers are great, but they can have even more power if they're backed up by our feet on the street.  Or sometimes the running trail.  Or the Capitol steps.  Or in the hallways at the office.  Haven't you had enough of lip service (or social media service) that's not backed up with some sort of positive change?  So have I.

I'm tired of hearing about bad events that leave innocent people in a world of hurt.  And it's not just school shootings, but Hurricane Harveys, wildfires, sexual harassment cases, the flu, breast cancer -- you name it.  We can't solve all of the world's problems, but we can do something for the causes that are important to us.  

There are several opportunities coming up around the Treasure Valley this spring to put our mouths into action and do something for somebody else.  Like breast cancer patients.  The Komen Race for the Cure is coming up May 12th, and it's a great chance to give breast cancer a swift kick in the pants and help find a cure.  (Or a swift kick in the bra I suppose, in this case.)  If breast cancer has impacted your circle of friends and family like it has mine, this is our chance to shoot some energy into the movement against it.  Click HERE to join the Mix 106 team.

While we're working to get involved in the national causes, there will also be 5k and 10k runs this spring, benefit concerts, and charity cook-offs to help Treasure Valley causes, and we hope you can be part of them with us.

Cuz we've had enough of the bad stuff.  The power is in the ability to connect with other people and spin out some good after something bad happens, and give those "thoughts and prayers" an even better opportunity to work.

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