Congrats grads!  Now what?  If you're on the hunt for that first job it's a good idea to really make it count because it could totally set your career path. No pressure!

We all know someone who isn't exactly using his or her college degree, and while that's okay and some folks end up really happy that way, the experts say that the first job after college may be the biggest reason for that fork in the road.

If you want to use your degree, they're saying you should make that first job really count.  If you take a job at a restaurant and your degree is in computer and information sciences, it may be harder down the road to land a gig in an IT department.

NBC News pointed out that there's a good probability that you'll stick with a job in farming, food prep, or transportation once you've accepted a job in the industry.  There's nothing wrong with those fields, but if your degree is in another area the goal would be to put it to work in that field instead.  A study found that more than 40 percent of college graduates take a position out of school that doesn't require a degree.

It's hard!  There are bills to pay and any salary offer is tempting.  But according to those experts, it may be better to wait for an offer in your degree field rather than take the first gig that comes along.  Waiting might ultimately put you on a better career path.

I graduated on a Saturday from the University of Nebraska several years back, and I started a full-time job in radio the following Monday.  I was grateful for the job in my field, but I also had zero time off between college and the real world, and a breather might have been nice.  If you can afford some downtime before that first job, take it.  Some of us might be a little jealous.  And you'll have plenty of time to assess what you really want to do.

Boise State held its graduation over the weekend.  And the Vandals at the University of Idaho had its commencement on Saturday too.  So, employers, expect some resumes from a fresh crop smart and capable grads on your desk soon.

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