Meridian's McKenzie Pearce, owner of the Sammie's Shack food truck has a chance to win $50,000 from Favorite Chef, but she needs your vote!

This is pretty awesome; McKenzie took to a local Facebook group to ask for support from her community, and this is an easy one to help out with! Here's what she said:

Hey guys I’m not sure if if this is allowed but I could really use your help! I am a local chef and food truck owner of the Sammie shack! I joined a competition about a month ago not thinking much of it. But we’re now a month in and I made it to quarter finals!! The competition just went from 100,000 people to 1,000 and in order to make it all the way I need your help to vote everyday! If you can afford to donate that would be even better I appreciate all of your love and support! Help this small town girl win!! Thank you guys in advance!


On her Favorite Chef page, she's asked how long she's been cooking, to which she said, "I grew up in a kitchen always watching and helping my grandma and my mother. From their my passion grew and I knew I wanted to do that for the rest of my life! I’ve been professionally cooking for almost 8 years now!"

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When asked what she'd do with the grand prize money, she responded, "I plan to fix up every little thing on my food truck so I can bring my passionate food all over the valley! :)"

It's super easy to vote, check out her Favorite Chef page here and cast yours now!

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