In the mood for some delicious tacos? You came to the right place!

We know all of the great taco spots, and we actually just found out about the most delicious "Birria" tacos in all of Idaho, and they just so happen to be right here in Boise! So, we're going to share that with you, and include a list to other amazing taco spots in or near Boise.

But first, let's talk about what Birria means...

I can't be the only one who didn't quite understand what makes Birria tacos different, right?

According to Tasting Table, there are actually 15 (or more) different kinds of tacos, and Birria simply means being notorious for having more "juiciness and flavor."

Picture a tender, slow-cooked meat, in a rich blend of spices, including cumin, cloves, and/or even cinnamon! Every bite is amazing.

And, different kinds of tacos originate from different places, cultures, and regions. For example, there are many variations of Barbacoa tacos, and some believe they originated in the Caribbean. However, Birria tacos are closely tied to the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

Now that we've learned about Birria tacos, who has the best ones in Boise? According to Mashed, the Idaho restaurant with the best Birria tacos is actually a food truck!

Google Maps | Parley Bates
Google Maps | Parley Bates

Bronco Tacos Food Truck

Mashed says, "Bronco Tacos serves some of the most incredible tacos in Boise. It's a family-run food truck that's typically parked behind the Old Fashioned Fruit and Veg farmers' market. Broncos Tacos serves incredibly delicious maruchabirria or birria ramen. Customers can also ask for a quesabirria taco on the side for dipping."

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