Is It Allergies or the Coronavirus?
Have you been questioning whether your sneezing and sniffling is COVID-19 or just seasonal allergies? (I know I have.) We've got answers for you to help determine if you have the coronavirus or if it's just allergies.
Why Boise Allergies Are So Bad
If you are one of the many of us with seasonal allergies, this year has likely been especially severe.  It seems everyone I know with allergies is feeling the pain and there is one likely culprit.
Idaho Allergies Are Intense
Spring is here all across the Treasure Valley.  It's a beautiful time of year for sure, but the downside to our amazing city and all our trees and flowers?  Allergies.  They are brutal.
What’s With the Teal Pumpkins?
There is meaning behind a teal-colored pumpkin if you see one on a porch this Halloween.
It's a signal about what that home will be passing out to trick-or-treaters, and if your kids are like mine you'll definitely want this heads up!