The approval for the third installment of stimulus checks just happened last week. The ink is barely dry on those checks and we're already hearing dates that include St. Patrick's Day.

The Government chose March 17 as the first day for stimulus deposits to over 10 million Americans including that Idahoans patiently standing by. The checks will be in your accounts a lot sooner than you might think.

We saw a ton of things change in this relief bill and you can find all the information below. Right now people are just wondering if it's true. Are we really getting that money? I mean why wouldn't we but I need to see it in the bank account. I want to see those numbers first before I'm making plans.

My wife is expecting a new little baby boy this July and there is no way we fit three kids in that back. We have to get something wide enough for 3 car seats in one row or look for two rows. This would definitely help in a situation that we're waiting on spending. We need a new family SUV and this stimulus will get us there quicker and hopefully in a safer vehicle.

I know some families who are just trying to keep caught up. This stimulus money is going to pay for birthdays and gifts for the upcoming holiday season. The coronavirus may be getting handled but I don't know anyone who is 100% it's going to be over. Families are planning and what a great pot of gold to open your account to on Wednesday. More below from the Detroit Free Press below.

The IRS chose the date of March 17, which is the date on which the IRS intends for settlement to occur

That comes from the organization that governs the ACH Network. You can also check the Get My Payment Tool on


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